Why Your Dog Needs Alone Time

It's important to teach your dog to be alone and provide them with ample alone time regularly. Not just because you want to prevent them from developing separation anxiety - but because they need down time just like humans do! Have you ever just wanted to spend a few hours by yourself whether it be to enjoy some peace and quiet in a rowdy household(can you say kids??!) or to nap the afternoon away? We have all been there!

When dogs live in rowdy households or experience bouts of stress, they need alone time to recover just like humans. You can help them with this by giving them a calm, quiet cozy place in another part of the house to get away from it all. Put a dog bed in a closet on the opposite side of the house. You want them to feel safe and secure.

I spend a majority of time in my living room, but I have dog beds in every room of my house to provide ample spots for them to get away when they need alone time. If you have multiple pets, this can be especially important so they don't fight over beds.

How to tell if your dog needs alone time:

  • Your dog seems stressed

  • Your dog is hiding - consider this a sign that your pup needs time away from humans

  • Your dogs schedule has been hectic lately - dogs are sensitive to change

  • Your dog is acting odd - your dog could be pacing around and panting. Other dogs may start repetitive behavior such as licking

  • Your dog wants to go outside without you - if you have a fenced in back yard, consider leaving the door cracked open so your dog can go outside by himself while you're at home especially if you see them sitting by the door or pawing at it

  • Your dog is less excited about walks - If your pup doesn't seem too excited about his daily walk, then just take him for a quick potty

  • Your dog is moody/agitated - If you try to pet your pup or engage with them and they retreat, its a sign

  • Your dog isn't seeking attention from you - If your dog isn't seeking cuddle time, he may need alone time

  • Your dog is entertaining himself - whether it be chewing a bone or playing with a toy by himself