Is Your Pet Drinking Enough Water?

Warm weather year round is what you expect living in FL. With that comes keeping your pet cool and hydrated. I don't ever recall a vet telling me exactly how much water my pups should be drinking daily to stay healthy. We always have our doctors tell us to drink water daily, it's just as important for our pets too!

Is your pet getting enough water to stay hydrated?

Your pet needs 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily! If your dog is 20 pounds, they need 20 ounces of water a day!

Here are some tips during the summer for your pets:

  • Always provide fresh clean water

  • Keep them inside so they can stay cool by the AC

  • Make sure shade is available when outdoors

I personally utilize PetSafe fountains in my household. I have one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. I like to throw fresh fruit in them for a little flavor (blueberries pictured in fountain)

There are warning signs you can look out for, for dehydration:

  • Excessive panting

  • Loss of appetite

  • Lethargy

  • Dry nose and gums

Did you know there is a way to test your pets hydration level?

Gently lift and pinch the skin between their shoulder blades, the longer it takes for their skin to go back to normal, the more dehydrated they are! If skin stays pinched, in a tent formation, they are dehydrated!

Ways to get your pet to drink more water:

  • Use a water fountain that keeps water circulating

  • Keep water handy even on the go

  • Praise your pet when you see them drinking water

  • Provide multiple water bowls around the house

  • Add a little flavor to the water with fresh fruit

· Pets bodies are made up of over 60% water, just like humans! Without water, pets bodies are unable to function properly. Pets with certain health conditions such as kidney disease or diabetes may require more water than normal! Keep those pets healthy and hydrated!