8 Things You Must Know When Bringing a New Puppy Home

1. Prepare your home

Once you decide to get a puppy, the very first thing you need to do is puppy-proof your home. Puppies are curious and will get into anything! Puppy proofing your home is essential to protect your home and your new puppy!

  • Hazardous items - be sure to remove any hazardous items around your house that your puppy could get into.

  • Puppy gates - invest in a gate that will allow you to block off doorways or rooms so your puppy can be contained in one area.

2. Buy Puppy supplies

Stock up on essential puppy items such as:

  • food bowl

  • water bowl

  • safe chew toys

  • grooming tools

  • leash

  • harness

  • collar

  • crate

  • bedding

  • ID tag

3. Distribute responsibilities

Figure out who is going to be responsible for what. Who will walk the dog? Who will feed the dog? These things need to be decided to avoid conflict in the household.

4. Establish house rules/boundaries

Decide what behaviors will be allowed and what will not be allowed. Will your dog be allowed on furniture? Will your dog sleep in bed with you or in a crate?

5. Be Consistent

Being consistent is vital. If you do one thing, and your significant other does something different then how is your puppy supposed to know the correct thing to do? Use the same words for cues, have the same rules.

6. Make a vet appointment

Be sure to bring your new puppy to a veterinarian within the first week or two of owning. They can get throughly checked out and receive vaccines and establish care with a vet.

7. Hire a Dog Trainer

Start your puppy off on the right foot by hiring a dog trainer to help teach basic cues and manners. Any age dog can learn, but starting them off young is the best decision you can make for their future!

8. Potty Training

It's best to put your new puppy on a potty schedule immediately. A young puppy has no bladder control and will need to go potty immediately after eating, drinking, playing or sleeping.

  • Never punish your puppy for going inside

  • Always praise your puppy every time they go outside

  • Be alert for signs they they have to go to the bathroom - sniffing, circling