4 Dog Training Tools Worth Owning


This will come in handy, trust me! There is nothing worse than having to fumble with a bag of treats during training sessions. The quicker the dog receives the reward/dog treat, the better! Clip this on your pants or belt and break up treats as small as possible and train like a pro!


Treats are an essential part of dog training. Grabbing any old bag of dog training treats might not work though! Did you know there is a difference between high value and low value treats?

  • High value treats are things like cut up hot dog, bologna, or chicken that your dog only gets on special occasions!

  • Low value treats are things like dog kibble, carrots, milk bones, or anything your dog gets on a regular basis!

Struggling to get your dog to focus and listen while training? Try using higher value treats during training sessions at first! Be sure to switch it up with low value treats as well so your dog never knows which he will be receiving and doesn't get bored.


Long lines are perfect for recall training as it's something many dog owners struggle with. A long line is basically a really long leash ranging from 10 foot to 30 foot in length. They're also perfect for giving your dog freedom while still giving you control over your dog.


We strongly encourage all of our clients to crate train their dog. It is not cruel or inhumane. In fact, it will come in handy should fido ever need to go to the vet or be boarded while you're on vacation!

  • Your dogs crate should be its safe space

  • It should be comfortable: include a dog bed or blanket

  • Feed your dogs meals, Kong's, etc inside the crate to build positive association

  • Never force your dog inside its crate

  • Never use crate as punishment